level of compensation

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level of compensation

I recently fell from a scaffold tower at work and broke my ankle. I contacted a no win no fee solicitor who has agreed to take on my case. I still must send back the signed form. I will probably take a day or two to check the fine print as with a broken ankle and out of work, I do not want to incur fees.

  My ankle was severely broken in three places and it was operated on with screws and metal straps. All the doctors would testify saying that "You have done a great job of breaking your ankle" Every consultant that I have spoken to tells me that I am likely to have a stiff ankle with pain which may require for me to have the cartilage replaced. I will also not be able to work for at least 12 weeks.
   I fear that this scenario will exclude me from work on construction sites as they often resemble obstacle course, and it has been suggested that their insurance probably would exclude me from working on site. I am not 100% sure that I will win this claim, but if I do how much compensation should I expect to be offered or entitled to?

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Hi Joekzelka

I am sorry to hear about your accident and hope you start to recover sooner rather than later.  I am pleased you are considering the documentation you have been sent.  3 things you need to consider when reading it.

1.  It is a No Win No Fee Agreement and your solicitors will be taking out an After the Event Insurance policy to cover your oponents costs if they feel the same is required.

2.  You will receive 100% Compensation WITHOUT DEDUCTIONS.

3.  The solicitors you have chosed SPECIALISE in PERSONAL INJURY and are not simply a back street firm.  The reason I say this is due to the very significant injuries you have sustained.  You must ensure that everything is considered by the appropriate level of solicitor.

Make sure you question your solicitor as to how they are going to pursue your claim, on what grounds and what issues they are going to consider.  You need to ensure that they understand that your consultants have said you may not be able to return to the construction industry this is VERY IMPORTANT as this is where the most of your compensation will come from in terms of Disadvantage on the Labour Market (ie if you look for a job on a construction site you will not get it over an abled person) retraining (training so that you can return to employment in a different field) Past loss of earnings and future loss of earnings.

Do have a long chat with them.  If in doubt at all do not sign the papers and simply explain you do not wish to proceed.  If you would like to discuss your claim further please do contact me by clicking on my website link below or advertisement to the right of this post.  I will be happy to have a no obligation chat with you about what you should be doing and how the solicitors should be considering your claim.

Matthew Waterfield