Spine fracture, coma and paralysis after being knocked down by the car

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Spine fracture, coma and paralysis after being knocked down by the car

Hello, I had an accident which led to mine disability.

I was going ack home with my friends from some birthday party. We were after alcohol but we were not drunk. We needed to cross the stree to get to the bus stop, from which we had direct connection to our area. I was waiting on the zebra crossing for the green light. When we entered the street my mobile started ringing. I answered the phonecall and from that moment I slowed down in order to let my friends first and to hear my mother. Unfortunately, there was some hole on the road. Wearing high heels it was easy to fell over. My friend Mark wanted to help me as he noticed the siituation. Another thing which I remember is the sound of the car. Mark jumped back but I was on my knees when the vehicle hit me.

I was taken to the hospital and I stayed in coma for another couple of weeks. I had serious injury of my head and fratire of the spine, which lead to the paralysis. I am unable to walk and I have ne feeling in legs.

The driver tried to skip. When they caught him, ha said that there was only a guy on the street (Mark) and it's my fault because I was wearing dark clothes and I have dark hair. He says that the light had already changed when the accident occured. I am not sure of it as everything was going so quickly but reffering to my friends the light as changed only after knocking me down. What is more I was already on the zebra crossing...

My life turned into the nightmare. I used to be normal teenager, outgoing surrounded with friends. Now, as it was a trauma I am afraid to go anywhere. My friends were showing me the support but just after the hihg school they started college and moved out from our town.

I need a help because I lost the court case. It is unfair because they don't believe to my friends' statements as they were after the alcohol. Anyway, it waas impossible to check if the driver was sober due to the fact that he was caught only after one day! What can I do!?

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