RTA compensation

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RTA compensation

firstly hello to all!
Does anyone have any Idea of a rough amount of compensation I would"likely" to receive after a shoulder injury from an rta, the hospital diagnosed a grd1 dislocation and avulsion fracture of the ac joint, but, the injury was far more serious than first thought, I have since had arthroscopic debridement tenotomy and subpectorial tendoesis for one operation and then another operation for shoulder arthroscopic decompression, plus all the usual cuts and soft tissue damage. I have looked at the job guidelines but the one I have is outdated by 2yrs (where can I see one online? 2018) I know this is all just a very rough estimate as each case is different, I am currently claiming through a personnel claim rather than insurance company but I know I wont get a proper kind of answer as they quite rightly dont want to be held accountable for giving false hope for a high amount etc, would appreciate anyones experience of such claim or Idea of amount possibly to receive. many thanks in advance for all replies.