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Default Court Judgement after no response - Admiral Law

I was involved in a road traffic accident on 23rd July 2016. The driver of a van drove into the back of my vehicle in stationary traffic. The other driver was quite uncooperative at the time of the accident but I was able to make a note of his car registration and company for which he worked for.

This was a quite simple accident and the blame clearly rests with the third party. However the third party insurers are unresponsive to any of the claim notifications or injury assessments sent to them. Hence, my insurers Admiral Law have decided to issue court proceeding on the defendant (the company of the other driver worked for and not the insurance company). Again there has been no response to the court proceedings after 14 days, so a judgement in default is the next step. This can take 6-9 months I have been told and the court will decide who is at fault and what the compensation amount for injury should be.

My question is the proceedings are against the company the driver worked for and not the insurer, so once the court decides a figure the company will have to pay and not the insurer correct? If so what are the chances the company will pay? Also, any county court judgement (CCJ) will be against the company and not a specific person i.e. the driver, so they could have no incentive to pay correct? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Should the court proceeding have been issued on the insurer and not the company?

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Hi I had a similar sort of incident with road traffic. Basically what's going to happen now is your insurance and the third party insurance are going to settle liability. This happened with me is after my insurance got settled I got paid out for the damages to the car. After this there was a secondary payment as well so I spoke to these lawyers and they got me paid like ?4,000 for my back pain and whiplash and the compensation claim only took 2 months because these guys are fast track. My advice is if you're looking to get paid out quickly with relatively little stress send a text through his work line explaining what happened 07563361427 and request for James.