accident in work

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bob Jones

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accident in work

Hi I had a dislocated shoulder with small fracture. Looking to see how much I can get

Hi I was on a work placement by the job center for work training.. I was enjoying the job, it was working on a farm. I was there for 6 months. the last few weeks of the placement I feel when laying floorboards 2nd floor and feel to the floor. I had a dislocated shoulder and a small fracture.

The job center had told the employer to keep me away from the construction as the insurance wouldn't cover it. as the job center was paying my wages. I was meant to be under supervision as it was a training scheme.

This happened about 10 months ago. I have had intense private physiotherapy and the arm is better ish now. just very painful if I sleep on it, swing it very fast or stretch it behind my back. other than that I am able to do day to day life.

was out of work for 8 months.

just wondering if anyone knows how much I am entitled to.


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Kaye Walsh

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this is certainly an incident to be looked at have you sought advice and I assume after all this time someone has now dedicated someone to deal with your case.

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John C.

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Hi I had a similar sort of incident at my work place and I spoke to this guy called James. He works for AMG legal he's a claims consultant there he took on my claim and I got ?4,000 for my personal injury. I suggest you get in contact with him on his work line 07925187444.

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Sad to hear that, but did you meet with a solicitor firm?? or a personal injury solicitor.
A personal Injury attorney like would definitely help you to determine the worth of your claim examining all your medical bills, loss of income and many more supportive evidence.