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#1 2015-12-01 14:29:53

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Hi Tamara

This sounds like a hellish situation. Obviously there has been some form of negligence here, and it is always hard to question the actions of a professional (especially a dentist!) It sounds like you have a claim but it would be wise to consult a solicitor first (choose a no win no fee solicitor as there will be no costs involved)

#2 2015-11-21 12:57:18

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I would just take two 500mg aspirin (that's kind to the stcmaoh), every five or six hours, and then I'd rub tea tree oil onto my gums.  You can get tea tree oil at a health food store get a good brand it's not expensive at all.  Not only does it numb the pain so you can tolerate it, it also heals the tissues.  Don't drink the stuff just rub it into your sore gums real good, maybe in the morning, and for sure before you go to bed.  It tastes pretty bad but after awhile you won't mind. It can numb your tongue, too, by the way.  I've also made a paste of tea tree oil and charcoal, and just before bed, I packed it around my gums.  The charcoal will draw out infection, and the tea tree oil numbs and heals.  They may have other ideas for you at the health food store.  I know the aspirin, or whatever you use, Tylenol, whatever, will help, too.  I sure hope you feel better, heart goes out to you, hon.

#3 2012-06-20 17:42:59

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I'm a 16 year old (nearly 17 year old) girl.
I've never had any major teeth problems but now have to choose to have a tooth removed or regular root canal treatment every 5 years, i'm edging towards removing the tooth as i have low pain threshold and there have been problems with many direct family members when having had root canal treatment just the once. But i need to know if i should claim against medical negligence because i shouldn't be in this position. The information is as follows;

My original dentist filled in 4 of my teeth when i was younger (under 10 years of age), after quite a few years he retired and i now had a new dentist. She found new problems and continued regular check-ups and nothing came out of it except healthy teeth and warnings about some sugar (the normal from dentist check ups). A bit later on (approximately a year later) i was assigned to a new dentist who i thought was marvellous, he then spotted that the four fillings that the original dentist had done were done incorrectly and needed to be redone. I thought not much of this but two were top ones and are very deep so they were not the most comfortable to have done. I've had all of those done at the beginning of this year. Now over the past 6 months i've had trigeminal neuralgia style pain in my right jaw/teeth. Through many investigations i was referred to Birmingham Dental Hospital and had my appointment at 2pm today. Now they have discovered that one of the fillings he re-did at the beginning of the year is not done correctly (a deep one) and needs redoing and in the other top deep filling there is an infection down the roots of the tooth and at the edge of the nerve (this is presumed to be the cause of the agonizing episodes of pain that stop me from  functioning normally when they occur-randomly occurring and interfering with things such as college), but she said that the infection appears to be long term and if spotted earlier could have been treated without having to do root canal or remove the tooth. Now i don't want the same dentist on my teeth because i've had enough of this, i mean if everything had been done right and the dentist had checked my teeth properly then this would not have made me have to make such a choice.
I need to know if i have any chance of a claim even though medical fees do not apply for me as i am under 18 and in full time education-i just feel like they have caused me unescessary pain and mental pain that right now i just feel like curling up and cursing and crying because i don't want this choice.
Please help.
Thank you.