hit by hertz driver

#1 2017-12-18 10:08:03

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hit by hertz driver

hi, my car was hit by a hertz car, liability established as his. hertz telling me to find a garage to repair and they will pay for it, car is vw golf 04 gt tdi. damage to left wing and perhaps steering (axle). what to do? they say that they will transfer me money and i pay the garage and keep the car? But the quote was based on photos only could be more damaged discovered, car has to be towed to garage but then if i take it there then i commit to work done vs. getting a payout which is quoted as ?2.3k for repairs from the photos only, dunno if there is more damage costs when they look at it..

hertz dont have insurance but will pay for repairs?
offered to give cash and keep car? will the amount offered be enough?
can my insurance help at all?