Road Traffic Accident Ended Working Life

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Road Traffic Accident Ended Working Life

My partner had a RTA late 2014. He was returning from work in his 4Trak car. Dark night and drizzly. Car in front of him indicating right and was stationary so he was behind. Car ploughed into the back of him shunting him into the back of the car in front. Police called and partner taken to hospital. He had xrays and scans to neck though had injuries to wrist, and back. Also suffered hearing loss but DR said ok. He was discharged within hours. He thought he would be back at work within a week even though his car was written off. The offending driver had a speed awareness course whereas my partner has not been able to work since due to back/wrist/neck/headaches/dizzyspells/bleeding from ear. His insurance company is sorting it out but the 'medical expert' has decreed that his injuries should have been sorted within 4 months and that its all mostly due to osteoarthritis anyway. So, no claim !!! Any advice on how to proceed with this would be extremely welcome as we are at our wits end. He is almost bankrupt due to not working.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the accident. If you would like to discuss this further then please call on 07722 562279

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Feeling sad to hear this, but I think you should concern a personal injury solicitor who has a good experience in handling these types of claims. Contact -

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Sorry about the accident I'm in a similar position had accident got nocked of my bicycle head-on collision went to a&e got it scan was told I had no broken bones went home the day after I was bed ridden for 5 days paralysis though I could fix my self  GP has not helped fast forward 2017 2 medical experts one of which said he was going to contact my GP but did not other medical expert is ok they say I have pre-existing vascular problem and prolapsed disc also nerve damage and other strange pains  I am going down the road of paralysis in my legs out of work and  broke and my partner has cancer  i wanted a private scan MRI but was told it would not be funded by the insurance company also asked for interim payment (money)solicitor said would pregadice my claim  soad to wait for NHS who now say I need surgery  I was also bombarded with settlement letter by solicitor I have now changed solicitor who is progressing the claim  seems we are on our own carnt afford out of pocket to pay myself seems the medical report opens the door for private care ie no waiting or referral from GP I am complaining to my previous solicitor not sure what happens next total ruined my life in pain 24/ unemployed also unemployable