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Accident at work in UK

  • Added: 2011-03-18
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Accidents at work are all too common and often lead to significant injuries and losses which can have major detrimental effects on your life and livelihood. Many people are worried and apprehensive about making claims for personal injury and losses against their employers for a number of reasons.

Do you know the timeframes when bringing a claim for your accident / injuries in Ireland?

  • Added: 2010-04-02
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Paul W. Tracey, Solicitors, a Dublin City-based Law Firm, are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of Accident cases coming across their desks where clients did not know that they only have two years to bring an injury claim.

Neck Injury

  • Added: 2009-09-30
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Busy roads and increase of the road accidents are the main reasons for the injuries like whiplash. Neck and shoulder injuries are very painful and we have a civil ad legal right to claim for the compensation in case it has happened to us and we are not to blame for the accident.

Death of three year old boy caused because of wrongful treatment

  • Added: 2009-09-15
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12-year battle for finding out why the little boy had to die lead Pitcher's family to the devastation.

Loosing a leg on the war - confession of soldier's family

  • Added: 2009-09-09
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Young solider lost his right leg and part of his right arm in Afghanistan. Thursday, August, 13 was the day, when the suffering of this young soldier has started. It was a wrench not only for him but also for his family. Once they heard about this accident, both: father and step mother, went immediately to England from Australia.

Driving over the pothole lead to loose of frontal teeth

  • Added: 2009-09-08
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The claim for the compensation from West Sussex County Council may be very difficult to prove. Hoverer, Melvin Bangle, 71 wants to stand up for himself and believes that the council is responsible for his suffering.

£50,000 in compensation for lifeguard who after workaccident was forced to retire

  • Added: 2009-09-07
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Lack of respect to the health of personnel and customers is very common negligence. This kind of negligence lead to the bad work accident. The suffering of the sports centre supervisor from Rochdale was awarded with £50,000.

Car driver awarded with £7,000

  • Added: 2009-08-27
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The case of the car driver from Northen Ireland finished last week. The verdict surprisingly was on the favour of the driver. He claimed because he injured himself with the broken door of companie's car.

Foot and Toes Injuries

  • Added: 2009-08-26
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Foot injuries are very painfull and problematic. Also loosing of toes may strongly affect our ability of walking.

Ankle Injury

  • Added: 2009-08-26
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Recent reports say that the anke injury is one of the most common among leg injuries. We may hurt ourself in the consequence of the slip, trip or fall. This painful and problematic injury affects our ability of walking.