Car driver awarded with £7,000

The case of the car driver from Northen Ireland finished last week. The verdict surprisingly was on the favour of the driver. He claimed because he injured himself with the broken door of companie's car. As the consequence he almost amputated finguer of his right hand and he had to spend many weeks in the hospital. The day before the accident he was talking with his supervisor to repair the defective door. 'My employer said in the court that I was careless and it was the reason of this accident. Certainly, I would not almost amputate my finguer if the glitch in the car had been fixed on time.' - claims Mark Willson, 38.

In fact the case was not easy as Mr Willson was only a part-time emplyee and he was aware that there is some defect in the car. Even though, the work accident was also his fault, it is the employer who should go to any lenght in order to avoid it.

Due to the court's vertict the employer has to cover all costs of the treatment and pay additionaly £7,000 compensation to the injured worker. It is another example that all the emploees should be fully protected by their companies. Disrespect to the people's health should be reproved to protect helpless employees.