Awards for wrongful arrests

According to the recenr report published by the Southe Wales Police paid out over £160,000 for the last year's claims. Furthermore there are 75 other cases which haven't been given the final verdict yet. The sum which National Welsh Police paid in total rises almost to £300,000.

‘The force’s decision to pay out does not necessarily equate to any acceptance of liability. As a publicly-funded organisation, we must always be mindful of the cost of cases and the uncertain outcomes of cases heard in court." - claims AssiChief Constable Cliff Filer.

Although the details of the cases are not revealed, it is known that two larges claims were made for £50,000 in total. The police forces are aware that peole who become injured during the arrest may stand up for their rights. Anyway, the huge increase in claims shows that people become more and more aware of their rights. Statistics says that the sum which were paid by the Welsh Police Dpartment in 2007 is £3,108. It has gradually rised up to £28,450 in 2008.

Source:, Welsh police pay out nearly £300,000 for wrongful arrest and personal injury claims , 25.08.2009