Victims of the holiday illness

£2,5 mln of award was gained by the 500 victims of illness in Dominican Republic due to the illness which occures in the hotel. The traveling agencies did not protect their customers enaugh. People, whose holidays turned into total disaster. The situation which took place between January and August 2009 has been finaly sloved in the court. Travell agencies showed blatant ignorance to the first claims and extreem disrespect to the customer's helth.

Turists operators ruined not only honeymonths of many couples but also because of their irresponsibility lead to the long-term helth problems and suffering of many people. Hopefully, this situation will not occure again and the threat of loosin the customer's trust is big enaugh to prevent it in the future.

Source:; Holiday illness victims win £2.5m compensation , 24.08.2009